Rip an audio cd to mp3 in OpenSUSE 11.3 using K3b and Lame

I  had some issues ripping an audio cd to mp3 in openSUSE 11.3 and I thought I’d share my solution with the world.

In order to make mp3′s out of your music CD collection first you must do the Multi-media and restricted format installation guide as described here.  This should sort out all your codec needs. I think it also install Lame.  In case it doesn’t install with the following zypper command:

zypper in lame

  • Now start k3b and insert audio CD. It will try a CDDB lookup which you should allow. This might bring in all the titles and stuff and saves a lot of typing!
  • Click “Start Ripping”
  • Select MP3 (lame) as filetype
  • Click the little spanner beside it
  • click Mp3 (lame) and click edit
  • Tick “write wave header” then click OK twice
  • Save settings by clicking the little floppy disc button at the bottom left.
  • Start ripping!

I am now ripping my old CD collection so I can enjoy them on my mp3 player and my PC! :-)

Thank you. I’v been pulling my hair all evening trying to get lame working from k3b.


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